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SP-750 Infusion Pump

SP-750 Infusion Pump

The SP-750 Infusion Pump
The SP-750 pump is a highly economical volumetric infusion pump, built for safe and easy operation.
Highly accurate  infusion rates ensure patient safety and optimum therapeutic effect.


■ Automatic IV-set clamp that prevents free flow if pump is opened accidentally
■ Setting that cannot be changed accidentally or by unauthorized  personnel
■ ABS (Anti-bolus system)
■ The pressure is reduced automatically after a high pressure alarm is  activated
■ Remote monitoring from a nurse’s station
■ Accurate fluid delivery
■ Configurable at bedside via computer
■ Infusion speed adjustable from 1 to 699ml/h the maximal speed is 900ml/h
■ Large LCD display
■ the infusion data for 5 groups of patient can be stored
■ Download new infusion parameters from IC card for long distance calibration
■ Rechargeable battery
■ Operation status clearly indicated by flashing, LED’s and large LCD display
■ Central monitoring station