Nesco Lab Incubator

The lab. incubators are general purpose laboratory incubators. they are ideal for cultures, eggs, microbiology, and other biology in hospitals, industries, and laboratories. The temperature control PID provides automatic compensation after load changes, change settings or door opening for excellent accuracy.

Features :
– Simple keypad input allows easy temperatures setting.
– LED digital display enables users to monitor the chamber temperature at any given time
– Visual alarm indicator alerts users of abnormal conditions if the chamber.
Temperature exceeds the setting point by 10°C
– The temperature can be controlled  and maintained to 10°C
– Double doors allow samples viewing from the inner door.
– Adjustable shelves are included
– The temperature stability is ± 0.5°C at 100°C; 0.1°C at 200°C
– Quality certification : ISO 9001.

Link Nomer Izin Edar, Alat Kesehatan : AKL 10302819404 Nesco Lab Incubator


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