Levo Plus Pipette Filler

1. A full volume range of 1-100ml.
2. Levo Plus can be used with all plastic or glass pipets between 1-100ml
3. Easy to one-handed operation.
4. Lightweight, ergonomic design allow longer, fatigue-free pipetting.
5. Lithium-ion battery offers long runtime charge and no battery memory problems.
6. Self-regulate the aspirate and dispense by circuit feedback.
7. Large LCD display provides visual confirmation of remaining battery charge and speed settings.
8. The aspirate and dispense speed controls are separate.
9. Fills a 50ml pipet in 5 seconds.
10. Button at the upper part of the handle allow you to set your aspiration and dispense speeds.
11. Eight speeds are available for aspirate and dispense liquid. If the dispense button is pressed only up to a point where a check can be felt, the dispensing function will be based on the force of gravity and the liquid will simply flow out.
12. Comply with ISO9001, 13485 and GLP guidelines.
13. Hydrophobic filter

Cat No : 710932
Product : Levo Plus Pipette Filler, 1-100ml

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