Ideal locations for an AED

Sports Clubs / Schools / Public Buildings / Stadiums / Theatres / Medical Centres / Sports Centres / Fitness Centres / Swimming Pools
Shopping Centres / Dental Surgeries / Entertainment / Venues / Pharmacies / Ships / Airplanes / Public Transport – trains, Trams and Buses and Stations/ Police and Emergency Services

The safety protection device

  1. If the electrodes is not attached firmly, the delivering an electric shock process is stopped.
  2. If the shock button isn’t pushed within 20 seconds after being ready for electric shock, the battery automatically discharge.
  3. Overcharge prevention circuit of electric shock energy.
  4. · Dual electric shock waveform control circuit prevents malfunction of device.

Easy To Use

Voice prompts are simple and easy to follow, anyone can use by following voice prompts
All-in-one cartridge, Electrode pads and battery are connected together, it will save the time in emergency.
Automatically analyzing accurate ECG, after attaching the pads to the patient, ECG is analyzed.
Unipad for both adult and child, it is possible to use same electrode pads for adult and Infant/child.

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Link Nomer Izin Edar, Alat Kesehatan : AKL AED 180 v.2