YBH-2011 Box
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Portable Insulin Case Cooler YBH-2011

– Portable Insulin Case Cooler keep diabetics safe and cool . – Waterproof . – Used for temp.sensitive drug cold storage. Insulin Case Cooler Specification Parameter Specification Advantages Dimensions 20*11*4.5cm Confortable shape and size, easily carried Material Outer: PU leather/EVA Durable, Polyethylene foam insulation provides longest cold life. Inner: Polyester 210D Insulation: Polyethylene foam Empty […]

Hearing Aid JH-906 ICT
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NESCO Hearing Amplifier JH-906 ITC (In The Canal) ( KEMENKES RI AKL 10702718933 )

 Feature:     Mini invisible size Comfortable sound Low noise Ajustable volume control Comfortable wearing in either ear Easy operation Light weight   Specification:     Max Sound Output: 120±5dB Sound Gain: ≥35dB Total Harmonic Wave Distortion:≤5% Frequency Range: 300-4000Hz Input Noise: ≤30dB Voltage: D.C.1.5V Current: ≤4mA Battery size: A312 / AG3 Accessory: 2 x A312 3 […]

Home Care Multicheck GCU + HB Multicheck Nesco

Nesco MultiCheck N-01 ( KEMENKES RI 20101112732 )

Nesco MultiCheck Mengukur Kolesterol, Asam Urat, Gula Darah & Hemoglobin Hasil Lebih Cepat, Akurat, Tidak Sakit, Kapan Saja & Dimana Saja Tersedia 8 pilihan : N-01 : Glucose, UricAcid, Cholesterol N-02 : Cholesterol N-03 : Glucose N-04 : Glucose, Uric Acid N-05 : Glucose, Cholesterol N-06 : Glucose, Hemoglobin N-07 : Glucose, Cholesterol, Hemoglobin N-08 […]

EZ - NEB Home Care

Nebulizer Ez-Neb Compressor ( KEMENKES RI 20403612659 )

 NESCO EzNeb Compressor NEBULIZER  includes :   * Dependable compressor * Nebulizer * Air Tube * Angled mouthpiece * 5 air filters * Detailed guidebook in English * Child’s mask Accessories sold separately : * Baby pacifier inhaler set * Adult Mask * Child’s Mask * Child’s dragon mask * Tee adaptor set including tee […]

EZ - Check Home Care Thermometer

NESCO EZCHECK Digital Flexy KD-133 Thermometer ( KEMENKES RI 20901615275 )

Digital Thermometer, Regular KD-133 Specifications Measuring Range    : 32.0°C ~ 43.9°C (90.0°F~109.9°F) Resolution               : 0.1°C (0.1°F) Accuracy                  : ±0.1°C(0.2°F): 34.0 ~ 42.0°C (93.2~107.6°F) ±0.2°C(0.4°F): other range Display                     : Liquid Crystal Display 3 1/2 digits Operating Conditions    : Temperature: 10 ~ 40°C (50 ~ 104°F) Relative Humidity      : 15 […]