Hearing Aid JH-906 ICT
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NESCO Hearing Amplifier JH-906 ITC (In The Canal) ( KEMENKES RI AKL 10702718933 )

 Feature:     Mini invisible size Comfortable sound Low noise Ajustable volume control Comfortable wearing in either ear Easy operation Light weight   Specification:     Max Sound Output: 120±5dB Sound Gain: ≥35dB Total Harmonic Wave Distortion:≤5% Frequency Range: 300-4000Hz Input Noise: ≤30dB Voltage: D.C.1.5V Current: ≤4mA Battery size: A312 / AG3 Accessory: 2 x A312 3 […]

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Nanoomtech Automated External Defibrilator NT-381 ( KEMENKES RI AKL 30505715709 )

Ideal locations for an AED Sports Clubs / Schools / Public Buildings / Stadiums / Theatres / Medical Centres / Sports Centres / Fitness Centres / Swimming Pools Shopping Centres / Dental Surgeries / Entertainment / Venues / Pharmacies / Ships / Airplanes / Public Transport – trains, Trams and Buses and Stations/ Police and […]